Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Discover the beauty of Russian Eyelash Extensions also known as Volume Eyelash Extensions!

This technique involves attaching multiple lightweight volume lashes to a single natural lash, resulting in a luxurious and alluring appearance. Using finer individual lashes compared to Classic Lashes, Russian Eyelash Extensions add volume without weighing down your natural lashes. The fan-like arrangement creates stunning depth and drama that accentuates your eyes.

Despite the added volume, the ultra-fine lashes (as thin as 0.03 millimetres) keep your lashes feeling light and comfortable. Enjoy the fullness without any compromise on comfort.

For a more natural look, try Classic Eyelash Extensions or Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Treatment Time

Up to 3 hours

How They Look

Russian lashes are a step up from Hybrid Eyelash Extensions and are great when you want a more glamorous look, but without the intense fullness of Mega Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Eyelash Extensions are genuinely tailored to each client, as I meticulously craft fans of different lengths and widths to perfectly enhance your eyes. Through skillful blending of individual lash extensions and delicate lightweight volume lashes, I create a unique, handcrafted fan that aligns with your preferences and eye shape.

Russian Eyelash Extensions unveil a captivating allure that brings out the radiance of your eyes. Elevate your beauty effortlessly with the magic of voluminous lashes that command attention with every flutter.

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Check Out the FAQs

What To Expect At Your Appointment

Regardless of style, all eyelash treatment time varies and will depend on the thickness of your natural lashes.

The complexity and refinement of this technique requires greater experience and skill as each fan is hand built as part of the treatment. Due to the intricate nature of this treatment please allow 3 hours for Russian Eyelash Extensions.

When you arrive I will talk through what kind of look you’re going for and I will advise what will be most suitable for your lashes. This will include the best length of your lash, the curl style and thickness of lash extension.

So lay back, close your eyes and relax.