Mega Russian Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes are very similar to the traditional (Russian) Volume Lashes. However, they have a minor difference that sets them apart when it comes to lash styles.

Just like Russian Volume Lashes, I create a wide handmade fan to achieve a full and fluffy look.

For a set of traditional volume lashes I commonly use 0.05mm to create a fan with up to 5 lashes. Mega volume sets use 0.05mm and 0.03mm to create a fan with up to 16 lash extensions. That sure is MEGA resulting in a very dark bold look!

How They Look

Russian Eyelash Extensions give the darkest boldest look of all eyelash extensions. They offer the greatest amount of volume for the most dramatic look.

The final appearance of mega volume lashes can vary based on factors such as the number of lash extensions applied, the length and curl of the extensions, and the client's natural lashes. Overall, mega volume lashes are designed to provide a more dramatic, bold, and voluminous appearance compared to other lash extension techniques.

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Taking care of your lashes is easy. Avoid getting your lashes wet or exposing your eyelash extensions to high humidity for 24 hours after your appointment. For detailed aftercare information take a look at the aftecare page