Wet-Look Eyelash Extensions

Wet-Look lash extensions are created by using a lighter lash. Depending on the strength of your natural lashes, anywhere from 3 to 5 lashes are used per natural lash but unlike other techniques, the lash extensions are not fanned-out but are relatively closed which gives a glossy, ‘wet’ look.

How They Look

Wet look eyelash extensions are great for people who like the look from classic or hybrids but want to try something a little different. Wet-look are more pronounced in appearance and can really make your eyes pop.

'Wet-Look strands' can even be mixed with classics to give a more subtle appearance. Alternatively, go for the full wet-look for that real wow factor.

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Taking care of your lashes is easy. Avoid getting your lashes wet or exposing your eyelash extensions to high humidity for 24 hours after your appointment. For detailed aftercare information take a look at the aftecare page